I’m a Seattle-based artist and game developer. Over the past twelve years I’ve produced art for 25 published games, including mobile, console, PC, and handheld titles. Visual effects is my main focus, balanced with a strong background in animation, modeling, and film production.

My central goal is to enhance user experience – selling key moments is a make-or-break endeavor for any game. Whether by simulating massive explosions, adding weather to an environment, roughing out a cinematic, or adding subtle visual feedback to a menu, I’m always working to make games feel more alive. I’ve also produced promotional material for greenlight pitches and UA, appealing to stakeholders, clients, and potential fans before the game is in front of them.

Flexibility is another top goal. I’ve done work in several genres, from stylized hand-animated sprites for casual games to realistic sims for first-person shooters. I’ve worked on small teams, on large teams, and as a central resource servicing multiple teams simultaneously. I’ve contributed to original IP and to established licenses. No matter how wide my comfort zone gets, learning something new is always a welcome challenge!

Check out my reel to see examples of my art in action.